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We take over the entire organisation, transport, assembly and dismantling. 


We’ll come by and bring along everything for your guests. So that you don’t have to worry about anything at the event.


We can adapt the colours of the hammocks to your design as well as have your logo applied to the side walls of the domes.


We are always open to your ideas and suggestions. We can work together on individual solutions for your special occasion.

Each dome can accommodate up to three hammocks in different colours.

The domes are easily spread over your entire area.

Our Story

Our today’s society is trimmed for high speed performance. The more concentrated our everyday lives become, the more urgent it becomes to slow down. There is a growing awareness of how important the balance between work and meaningful relaxation is.

The feeling of satisfaction to have escaped the ever pressing tasks of everyday life in order to recharge your batteries. Only in deceleration can the space be created that is necessary to rearrange your thoughts and clear you mind for future productive and effective action.

Therefore we have founded branddome to create more such spaces of personal deceleration and effective re-sorting. Mobile, temporary and available everywhere.

We believe in the idea that accuracy, communication and craftsmanship are the foundation of the best work. The people who work at branddome share this vision and values.

Photo Gallery

On the photos you can see our domes at some of the festivals and events where they have already been placed. 

Our Team

Adrià Prvnell

Adrià Prvnell

Sales & Business Growth

Our Team

David Dörre

David Dörre

Strategy & Marketing

Felix Betzenbichler

Felix Betzenbichler

Strategy & Marketing

Our Partnerships

we cooperate closely with some trustworthy and highly professional partners

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